To become European country… Everyone uses these words nowadays. We are talking about to become European country but do we have enough knowledge about Europe? What do we know about history of Europe? Do we know that its name comes from king Agenor’s daughter’s name, Evropa in Grek mythology? Or do we know that Europe was civilised by itd neighbours which were very old and more developed than Europe? Or do we know that compass, paper,gun powder and wind mill were taken from middle Asia? If you know all these facts, its means you have accepted that Europe isn’t perfect. But if you don’t know all these things, it means you admire Europe without knowing much about it.

            We know, gun powder and compass came to Europe from Asia but we musn’t do Eurpoe injustice. It wasn’t easy to learn and bring them to their country. And it wasn’t easy to improve them especially during war.

            After 15th century Renaissance brought Europe a lot of new ideas and ways of living and it began to become a modern society. Renaissance which caused big developments in science and medicine was followed by Reformation, aroused in Germany. So, new denominations appeared and science is more important than religion. I think this is why science is more important than religion in all developed countries.

            Although Europe is a part of the main contient Eurasia, it is very different from Asia. There is list of differences beginning with culture, education and religion. Turkey id like a bridge between Asia, where traditions are important and Europe, where science is important. If people try hard, Turkey can be a bridge of culture between those continents. While Europe is bringing civilisation to Asia’s countries, it can enrich the culture in Europe. We all know that the best way of protection against AIDS is having one partner and not using narcotics. This idea was fist proposed by the countries in Southwest Asia. If Eurpope had been warned by the Muslim countries in Southwest Asia, all the countries in the world would have learned this fact and there wouldn’t be so many people suffred from AIDS.

            We know that European countries are more developed than most of countries in the world. I am Turkish but I can’t deny that we should learn something from Europe. But we can give some thing to Europe as we can take from it.

            In Turkey, friendships and love are stronger. We don’t need psychologists to tell our problems. Because we have friends who we can cry on their shoulders, tell our problems and share our sadness and happiness. We trust them and they trust us.

            After Reform the catholic chucrh stopped putting pressure on scientists and artists and that was the beginning of a new age in science and art. Developments in the society was very rapid and today’s civilised Europe appeared. European people began to treas religion in a diffrent way but it didn’t mean that they lost their religion. Even today, most of them have a strong beliefs in God and performing their religious duties is a part of their lives.

            Nineteen centuries have passed since Christ was born and we are about to finish 20th soon. Now, there are lot of cultures in the world. In 21st century, I don’t  want a world with different cultures. One day if someone asks me  “What kind of world would you like in 21st century?”, I would say him “I would like a world where everyone lives happily in peace and there are no differences between people and everbody has the same rights”. Because it is MY BEST WISH for our wonderful world. 
                                                                           Nazan DUMAN