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Tarih 24 Ağu 2013 Kategori: Tülay ASLAN


Matt falls everything disappear
Fifty years have come and gone was the ak day coal
Images in album pictures turn yellow then fade down
Days months run out of cash without lifetime

Tarih 24 Ağu 2013 Kategori: Tülay ASLAN


What is a sevdah, when counted on suffering
Decision no immersed nights work
Mollified, laid down sevilmeyip gülmezken
For the sake of respect does not know the word suddenly disconnects

Tarih 1 Şub 2011 Kategori: Figen DEMİRCAN

The Strrangesdt Animal

You have probably seen many animals besides pets.
The first on emay have been a Mouse. You have certainly seen rabbits and squirrels. If you live in the country, you may have met up with skunks, ground hogs, moles, opossums, badgers, chipmunks, raccons, foxes, and

Tarih 1 Şub 2011 Kategori: Canan DURMUŞ

The Wall of Love

Was it you or your loneliness
In the blind dark we opened bleary eyes
Last night’s curses on our lips
We would frequent art-lesbian- lovers,

Tarih 1 Şub 2011 Kategori: Canan DURMUŞ


Your lips are red
Your hands are white
Take my hands, child,
Hold them a while.

Tarih 1 Şub 2011 Kategori: Nazan DUMAN


To become European country… Everyone uses these words nowadays. We are talking about to become European country but do we have enough knowledge about Europe? What do we know about history of Europe? Do we know that its name comes from king Agenor’s daughter’s name, Evropa in